Board of County Commissioners Tuesday Morning Meeting July 20, 2021

Open Agenda

On the record 00:00:00

Commissioner Updates 00:00:10

County Manager Update 00:03:35

Consent Agenda 00:04:10

Constituent Input 00:05:36

Business Item 1 Climate Action Policy 00:06:10

Resolution 2021-045 Supporting the June 2021 Updates to the Colorado Communities for Climate Action Policy Statement

Business Item 2 Eagle Valley Trail 00:37:52

Resolution 2021-046 Eagle Valley Trail: Resolution Authorizing and Approving a Site and Improvement Lease, Lease Purchase Agreement, Certificate Purchase Agreement, Continuing DIsclosure Agreement, Tax Certificate, Official Statement and Related Documents and Transactions in Connection with the Execution and Delivery by UMB Bank N.A. of the Hereinafter Described Certificates of Participation Series 2021; Authorizing Incidental Action; Ratifying Action Previously Taken, Repealing Prior Inconsistent Actions; and Providing for Other Matters Relating Thereto

County Board of Equalization 00:51:39

Resolution 2021-047 Regarding Petitions to the Eagle County Board of Equalization 7-20-21